LightZone v4.1.2 now available

Masahiro has today uploaded v4.1.2 for Windows, with Linux and Mac to follow.  See his forum post here.  Changelog here.


LightZone v4.1 now available !

Hello everyone in the LightZone community. Our latest release candidate, v4.1, is now available for download---no longer beta for those of you who are beta-averse.  Many thanks to Masahiro Kitagawa and our translation team. Read more for the change log details...

V4.1 Beta 9 Now Available(Update May 23 2014)

As some of you have already seen, our latest beta is now available for downloading.  Once again, thanks to our hero Masahiro.   Windows users please note: 32 bit version is not yet available due to a bug (Update: now fixed).

Here are the changes:

Update, May 1: V4.1 Beta 8 now available for everyone.

Masahiro has done it again!  As some of you already know, our new Beta 8 is available for Windows and Mac.  Update:  Now it is available for Linux, too.  Complete Changelog is here.  Included in Beta 8 is the following:

LightZone v4.1 Beta 7 Now Available(Update April 9)

Masahiro Kitagawa has done it again!  v4.1 beta 7 is now available for download for all members.  There's good stuff inside!  Click on the link below to read all about it...

October 1 2013 Update: V4.1 Beta Testing Has Begun

I have always felt that October 1 meant the first real day of Fall where I live.  And I have also felt that each season in its turn marked a new beginning, not just Spring.  So it pleases me that our beta test of the new version of LZ begins today.  Read on for more....

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