Special Note for New People Having Trouble Registering

Because of my ongoing email problems, I cannot receive email from the website at this time.  That includes all mail sent through the "Contact" menu bar tab.  Read more by clicking the link below...

October 20: Once Again We're Being Flooded With New Registrations

We've gotten about 1,000 registration requests in 6 hours, from 1200-1700 UTC.  We really appreciate the attention, but all of you new people are hurting yourselves---our system can't cope with such a rush, even after the changes we made last Wednesday.  LightZone is a free software now, so there's no big rush to beat a "deal" before we start charging.   I know many of you are not getting your automatic emails, but so many people are trying to sign up simultaneously it breaks our system. Read more...

October 16 Update: Things Should be Working Better Now

Thank you everyone for your patience during our little hurricane.  I have done a couple of things on the back end today, with help from others of course.  Our out bound email limits have been increased to 700 from the previous 150 (!).  That will help a great deal and eliminate those "email can not be sent, contact system administrator" messages (read more)

Registration notes

Registration is a three step process! 

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