We have a new round of beta testing coming

Pavel and Masahiro from the Dev Team have been working hard lately to get a new Windows build ready with new compiling tools.  Pavel ran into a bad snag, and once again Masahiro found a way to fix it.  So now we are getting close to being ready to beta test the next, new release of LightZone, (read more, click the link below...)

News for July 30, 2013

Hello everyone.  We continue to grow steadily.  This week let me call your attention to our new video tutorials at The LightZone Project channel on YouTube.  Follow the links in the Left Sidebar.  Also check our Screenshots section on the Menu bar.  I hope to roll out several more website tweaks this week, and more tutorials as well.  All you Mac Beta Testers out there:  we are approaching one month of beta testing.

News for June 3, 2013

Some good news today, although not yet the release of the software we all want: Paul Lucas, another of LightZone's original developers, has joined the Dev Team. Welcome Paul! Also, we have a stable Mac build that works in 32 bit and 64 bit on a couple of Mac OS's. We believe it will be ready for beta testing very shortly. More....

Beta Testing Has Begun!

Beta testing for the new public version of LZ has officially begun. The first 20 testers have been sent their links via their provided emails. The link to the program is not being made public yet and won't be for a couple of weeks at least while these tests take place. Note to all testers: I have sent you an email with the link for the program download via the email you provided. At least one of these has bounced back, so, that is something you'll have to fix in your profile!

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