New Mac Download Packages Available, And Also Linux And Now Also Windows

Masahiro has developed new Mac download packages that have fixed some problems users experienced.  Changelog is here . He has prepared Linux packages as well, but has had a little trouble with Windows this time.  Now Sorted!  Thanks also to Ron Goldthwaite for testing and finding some errors.  Nice to see you back, Ron!

We have a new round of beta testing coming

Pavel and Masahiro from the Dev Team have been working hard lately to get a new Windows build ready with new compiling tools.  Pavel ran into a bad snag, and once again Masahiro found a way to fix it.  So now we are getting close to being ready to beta test the next, new release of LightZone, (read more, click the link below...)

Linux V4.0 Released!

June 18, 2013: Today we release our Linux versions of LightZone V4.0.0 to you our membership. Once again, please join me in congratulating the Dev Team on a fantastic job. You will find the link for the release notes, legal stuff, and the download link in the sidebar to the left. Please read the text! As the Linux downloads work rather differently than the Windows one, you will need to follow the instructions we have provided. Use the forums here to discuss any issues you may have with the downloads or the program itself. More...

Linux beta testing has begun! (plus Windows news)

Today, May 5 (Cinco de Mayo!---have a Margarita!) 2013, we begin our Linux Beta Test. I have emailed all of you who responded below to the post "Call for Linux Beta Testers" from our Bluehost server. Please be sure to check the email you provided at registration for the link to the download packages. Please reply to the email so I know who got it. We are testing 32 and 64 bit versions for Ubuntu (which may also work on Debian), OpenSUSE, and Fedora. This will be an accelerated beta test, because <!--break-->we think most issues would already have been caught in the Windows tests.

Call for Linux Beta Testers

Pavel has informed us that Dev Team member Masahiro has cleared up the glitch in Linux mentioned previously, and thus if we find no other issues we will be starting the Linux Beta Test very soon. Therefore we are issuing this call for Linux Beta Testers. If you are able to work on this, please respond in the comments section below this article/post. Please make sure your registered email here is one where we can reach you!

Calling all Zombie crew members!

Once before we made a plea that we needed technical assistance for both MAC and Linux. Well, mate-ees, we still do. In fact so far we've gotten precious little. We're not kidding, we need some assistance in these areas especially. Lots of new camera profiles will need to be done this year. I will remind all of you that it is in your own best interests for this to happen. Support comes from the community collectively, now, and that is the only place it's coming from. We need to be able to hold on until this thing is truly open sourced.

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