Yet Another Brief Update

This is just a quick "shout out" to the membership on the continued progress of the development "team" (those quotation marks are for you, Anton ;-}...) and others. We will want to give appropriate credit to all those contributors in a future post, but that's premature just now. Thanks to some great efforts (and great effort, as in difficult at times...) we now have I think 3 working builds, one for Windows and 2 for Linux---if I understand some of the messages....

Calling all Zombie crew members!

Once before we made a plea that we needed technical assistance for both MAC and Linux. Well, mate-ees, we still do. In fact so far we've gotten precious little. We're not kidding, we need some assistance in these areas especially. Lots of new camera profiles will need to be done this year. I will remind all of you that it is in your own best interests for this to happen. Support comes from the community collectively, now, and that is the only place it's coming from. We need to be able to hold on until this thing is truly open sourced.

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