Forums temporarily restricted (Update, Sunday, 3 April)

I'm continuing to tinker with keeping spammers from posting links. One did get through for a couple of hours before I caught him, so I tightened the screws a bit more.

The result was a draw. We caught one more spammer, but one of our long-time members was temporarily blocked for having posted a link. I think I've fixed that now. But if you get caught in one of my traps, drop an email to info at and we'll straighten it back out.

More info, and background, at the "Read more" link...


Hey, everyone...we've been hit by spammers again

Sorry, all, but today our spam defenses have failed this morning.  We're working on it, but please bear with us today and until we get this straightened out.  Thanks for your patience, and many thanks to Julisa Swan for alerting me.


CleanTalk anti-spam in use (Update: Read completely if you have been rejected)

Our fight against forum spammers looks to be won. Ever since we switched on CleanTalk last Thursday, not a single spammer has successfully registered. CleanTalk has filtered out about 60 spammers that got past our first- and second-line defenses.

We had some initial problems with overly-aggressive rejection of some legitimate usernames. At our request, CleanTalk has reduced the sensitivity to where all of the ones that were falsely rejected wouldn't have been. (Read on...)

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