November 11, 2017: Website Problems Mostly Solved

Looks like most of our recent issues are solved, but we will continue to do some work to debug the website.  Most of this had to do with some updates that we needed to do.  None of it had anything to do with our software, however, so rest assured there will have been no issues with the downloads.


State of the website

As some of you have noticed, the website has been a bit unstable for the past month. Not to worry, that doesn't mean it's coming apart. On the contrary, we've been bringing it up to date and beefing it up, making it more secure against hackers and such. That work is pretty much done now. And the LightZone software is completely separate from the website so it wasn't affected at all. (Read more below).


Tex Is On The Road Again

I'll be traveling for the next 13 days, September 30-October 12, so please be patient as my internet access will be restricted to the time in the hotels.  This should not be as disruptive as my June trip, however, as I'll never really be off the grid.  And I'll have a surprise for all of you towards the end of the trip....

Request for Help from Viewers

Dear members and viewers,

I received a report from a member (with screenshots) that appear to show that the website has been hacked---but I am not seeing what he is seeing (typical Viagra junk, both in the header and footer).  This member kindly did a security scan as well which also showed the problem, although again, weirdly, when I looked there I did not see the problems he did. So:  Could you please look carefully and let me know if you see anything wrong?  Thanks.

Site Maintenance today, April 30 2014

Please bear with us today as our hosting service performs some needed server maintenance.  We don't know exactly what time this will occur.  We should be offline only for 15-30 minutes.  Thanks for your patience.



October 16 Update: Things Should be Working Better Now

Thank you everyone for your patience during our little hurricane.  I have done a couple of things on the back end today, with help from others of course.  Our out bound email limits have been increased to 700 from the previous 150 (!).  That will help a great deal and eliminate those "email can not be sent, contact system administrator" messages (read more)

Website Updates As Of Today

Today, as we start to get close to 3,000 members (!), I've made a few changes to the website, a couple of which will be of note to users.

Call for Drupal and web design assistance

I haven't wanted to do so until now, because I didn't want to divert technically skilled people away from our top priorities, getting the program released and working on the translation project(s) and manual. But if anyone has Drupal or web design skills, please post here and I will contact you. I am planning a significant site overhaul, long overdue, and while I have some local help there is a limit to how much I can impose on them and pay them (not much!). On top of that Drupal 8 is coming this summer and that will mean more important work.

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