35,000 members, and our video tutorials are now organized, with more coming.

We've hit yet another milestone in our growth, thanks to all of you!  And I am happy to now announce that our Youtube channel, The LightZone Project, is now (finally) much better organized through both playlists and sections.  You should be able to quickly find the video tutorial(s) you need.  Also, I will be adding some new videos shortly, hopefully over the next few days, plus more after next week.  We will also establish links to other LightZone videos not produced by us once we have the permissions.

Update, August 13, 2013: Lots of Video Tutorials on Our YouTube Channel Now

We have a YouTube Channel, The LightZone Project (so clever, no?).  There are now 27 video tutorials there, close to 2 hours and 45 minutes worth, and more are coming. So far there are video overviews of the whole program, both the Browser and Editor modules, Saving and Converting, and then detailed videos about the Tool Stack, Tool Anatomy, Tool Menu, Regions, the Zonemapper-Zonefinder, and the Relight Tool.  These videos go into more detail about the program and tools than anything ever produced about them before. Click on the link under "Help Files" in the left sidebar.

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