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Linux V4.0 Released!

June 18, 2013: Today we release our Linux versions of LightZone V4.0.0 to you our membership. Once again, please join me in congratulating the Dev Team on a fantastic job. You will find the link for the release notes, legal stuff, and the download link in the sidebar to the left. Please read the text! As the Linux downloads work rather differently than the Windows one, you will need to follow the instructions we have provided. Use the forums here to discuss any issues you may have with the downloads or the program itself. More...

Windows V4.0 Released!

Today, June 15, 2013, marks an extraordinary event here at the LightZone Project. The new, free, open source V4.0 of LightZone for Windows goes live today. Follow the new link in the block in the left sidebar for the download package. Please read all the text BEFORE you download. The Linux version should be following along shortly (some glitches popped up this week), and the Mac Beta Test will also start as soon as one key defect (defect=bug we know about ;-* ) has been rectified. More...

News for May 15, 2013

Those of you who have been following the Linux Beta Test know that the testers have found a thing or two for repairs, and that several of those problems have already been fixed---great work from them, especially Masahiro and Andreas! The Dev Team continues to work on a couple of others. Pavel Benak who is now our de facto lead developer will be away for a few days this week and so will I. Please bear with us until the end of this week, especially new registrants awaiting full approval. I will get to you only twice a day for the next 2 days.

Public release very soon!

Our beta testers have begun a second round of beta testing with a new distribution for Windows. We think this means that we are very close to a public release of the Windows version. So far no significant bugs have been found---extremely good news. As soon as we can we will also begin the Linux beta testing on Ubuntu and OpenSUSE. We have one issue that is being checked this week, and once we have that nailed down we'll start that beta testing. Exciting times for us!

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