We Are Getting a New Influx of Members

In the last 12 hours we have seen a significant uptick in member signups, a more than 800% increase from our current normal daily signup.  Our experience shows that this is the result of an article or mention somewhere, but googling has not yet shown me where, and Google Analytics is not helping either..  Can someone help, please.  We like to keep track.

Another Milestone

Today we cross another threshold.  We now have more than 25,000 registrations at the LightZone Project.  A few of you have complained about our sign up process---and it is clunky and has even failed us a couple of times when we had a flood of new registrations.  Some of you who are coming to the site for the first time may be wondering about it.  We know it can be a little annoying, but we still think it's a minor annoyance in the grand scheme of things.  And the benefit to all of us will become plain as we move forward.  Please read on...

October 20: Once Again We're Being Flooded With New Registrations

We've gotten about 1,000 registration requests in 6 hours, from 1200-1700 UTC.  We really appreciate the attention, but all of you new people are hurting yourselves---our system can't cope with such a rush, even after the changes we made last Wednesday.  LightZone is a free software now, so there's no big rush to beat a "deal" before we start charging.   I know many of you are not getting your automatic emails, but so many people are trying to sign up simultaneously it breaks our system. Read more...

Hey Everybody! Read This Now!

The website is being overwhelmed!  We are a small, shoestring outfit---we don't have the bandwidth.  All these membership requests are crashing us.  We want all of you, but let's all relax for a little while....(read more)

Equinox News

As of the equinox yesterday, we now have over 5,000 members.  It wasn't so long ago we made posts like this for 300 members.  As we approach our 2 year anniversary, we'll prepare a history of LightZone and this project, including some interesting announcements about the project.  We are preparing for the next round of beta testing for a new version (see post below to sign up), and that should be ready any time now.  It will include new raw profiles, dcraw 9.19, larger font, several resurrected tools, and a bug fix or two.

Registration notes

Registration is a three step process! 

News Update for September 9, 2013

A quick news update with several items (Updated 9/10/2013. click below to read more):

July 24, 2013 Website Updates and General Message

As of now we can safely say we have crested 3,000 members, even taking account of those registrants who have not completed the signup process. Pretty amazing to Doug and me.  Please finish your signup process!  If you do not get your confirmation email more or less right away (which contains a link which you must follow back to the site to complete your registration), then please contact us,  Be sure to check your spam folder, btw.  We are getting much more rigorous about weeding out uncompleted signups. (More)

500 Members.

We have crossed yet another threshold today as we surpassed the 500 member mark. This represents growth of over 100 members in the last month, a 25% increase, possibly our best month ever. While this is very significant for us now, I look forward to the day (which may be coming sooner than I think!) when we will remember these mileposts in a bemused way, as we remember the small events of childhood. But for today, congratulations to us!


Another Milestone

This week we have passed the 300 member threshold. This is a doubling of membership in less than a year, about a 50% increase in the last 6 months, but most impressively about a 20% increase in just over 6 weeks (Please refer back to Doug's post on our history). This is great growth for an organization like ours, especially in advance of being able to offer the downloads. We continue to make progress on that score, and are organizing some other projects as well. Keep checking in! And all of you new members, please do introduce yourselves and review the forums content.



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