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Happy Birthday to Us. Updated

Yesterday and today mark our 2 year anniversary as a project.  We actually went live a few days earlier, but there were a few technical glitches that disturbed the public rollout until today, November 19, in 2011. We started with just about 50 members.  As of yesterday we passed 24,500.  Wow. Read more...

Happy New Year to us!

Welcome to a new year here at the new LightZone Project. We are busy working behind the scenes getting this project rolling. Doug, Anton, Pavel, and Jedd are very busy working on compiling the source code for LZ so that we can get to a point of being able to release it. I've been tinkering (and will continue) with getting the website more ready for our expanded project. Once we are more ready, we'll be issuing an official press release. I have prepared a list of places that will go, but welcome your ideas.

Happy Yule!

snow covered Yule lights

We've been teasing you for weeks, and now we can tell you openly: Lightzombie is finally dying with the 2012 year, but the LightZone Project has been born and will be ready to flourish in the new year. You can already see that our name and URL have changed, as well as my gaudy holiday (temporary! But festive I hope...) livery for the website, which will undergo some redesign after the 1st of the year to better accommodate the scope of the new project. Please read Anton Kast's post below for the significant details.

LightZone Project

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Anton Kast. Together with Fabio Riccardi and Paul Lucas, I helped write LightZone while employed as a software engineer at Light Crafts.

It's been a year since the last LightZone license was sold. Fabio, Paul and I have moved on to other things, and Light Crafts is no longer a going concern. But the irony of commercial software is that when the company which made an app goes away, the app itself can sometimes flourish.

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