Important News for Members!

Please join me in giving a hearty welcome to the wonderful Marinna Cole, who has joined forces with us to help do some development work on the software.  Already she has helped out on some builds, but today she has sent us a bit of coding to add some grid refinements to the crop tool, adding Golden Rectangle and Triangle gridding.  She and Masahiro will massage this and hopefully it will make it into the next iteration.  Thanks, Marinna, our hats off to you!  Great to have you aboard.

Historic LightZone Meet-Up: LightZone in Japan!

Greetings LightZone user community, from Kyoto Japan.  Tonight I had the privilege of meeting our lead developer, Masahiro Kitagawa And his lovely wife Aya in Kyoto, where my wife and I are on tour(just ending) with her museum's tour group.  I was able to go along with her, and so was able to meet with Masahiro for the first time.  Read more (and it's worth it!) by clicking through...

End (?) of Winter News: Cool Stuff

Hello everyone.  I hope this news release finds everyone healthy and in good spirits.  We have a good bit of news to report, so please read on by clicking the link below. Important Update, March 4. Very good news!

Yet Another Brief Update

This is just a quick "shout out" to the membership on the continued progress of the development "team" (those quotation marks are for you, Anton ;-}...) and others. We will want to give appropriate credit to all those contributors in a future post, but that's premature just now. Thanks to some great efforts (and great effort, as in difficult at times...) we now have I think 3 working builds, one for Windows and 2 for Linux---if I understand some of the messages....

Watch this space! And thank you all!

As Doug has announced immediately below, Anton Kast has joined our merry band. And we are more merry for it! For our U.S. members, you now have one more thing to be especially thankful for this Thanksgiving. Please welcome him with your posts.

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