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October 1 2013 Update: V4.1 Beta Testing Has Begun

I have always felt that October 1 meant the first real day of Fall where I live.  And I have also felt that each season in its turn marked a new beginning, not just Spring.  So it pleases me that our beta test of the new version of LZ begins today.  Read on for more....

Equinox News

As of the equinox yesterday, we now have over 5,000 members.  It wasn't so long ago we made posts like this for 300 members.  As we approach our 2 year anniversary, we'll prepare a history of LightZone and this project, including some interesting announcements about the project.  We are preparing for the next round of beta testing for a new version (see post below to sign up), and that should be ready any time now.  It will include new raw profiles, dcraw 9.19, larger font, several resurrected tools, and a bug fix or two.

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