March 2013 News---please read .

We have several important bits of news for you here in the middle of March. The best news is that we are ready to beta test the Windows version of the newly compiled LightZone. This is the version that is the most complete, with only one glitch that I've been told "doesn't matter". SO.....all of you Windows people who are willing and able to do some beta testing, please step forward! Contact us through the site, commenting here, or via email now, please. I will set up a new forum topic for this as well where beta testing info can be shared.

Yet another brief update

I know you're all wondering when you'll see some download packages. Things are tangled up in licensing issues for the various libraries that LightZone uses. The development team is fighting its way through that jungle. Progress continues to be made, although not at the pace that any of us would prefer.

As far as I know, though, there's little progress on a Mac build right now. We could really use a Mac developer or two on the team. I think there's some consensus that the open-source LightZone will not support the older PowerPC Macs — it'll likely be for Intel-Mac only.

Another Milestone

This week we have passed the 300 member threshold. This is a doubling of membership in less than a year, about a 50% increase in the last 6 months, but most impressively about a 20% increase in just over 6 weeks (Please refer back to Doug's post on our history). This is great growth for an organization like ours, especially in advance of being able to offer the downloads. We continue to make progress on that score, and are organizing some other projects as well. Keep checking in! And all of you new members, please do introduce yourselves and review the forums content.


Yet Another Brief Update

This is just a quick "shout out" to the membership on the continued progress of the development "team" (those quotation marks are for you, Anton ;-}...) and others. We will want to give appropriate credit to all those contributors in a future post, but that's premature just now. Thanks to some great efforts (and great effort, as in difficult at times...) we now have I think 3 working builds, one for Windows and 2 for Linux---if I understand some of the messages....

A brief update

I'm sure you're all wondering how things are coming along. As of now, the development team has the Windows version building, but with minor bugs. There are a number of Linux versions with different build strategies, and we still need to make some decisions there. I haven't heard anything about a Mac build yet. After we get solid builds, then we'll need to package them up into something that can be downloaded and installed.

A little patience, please?

I know everyone's excited about LightZone being open-source, but the development team still has work to do to get it all sorted out. It's not ready for distribution quite yet.

We've still got technical stumbling blocks to overcome. With the number of developers that are involved, we have some differences in approach to be settled. We also need to deal with the general disorganization that's always present at the start of a project. All of these things will happen, but it will take a little time. Please bear with us.

It'll be worth it.

Happy New Year to us!

Welcome to a new year here at the new LightZone Project. We are busy working behind the scenes getting this project rolling. Doug, Anton, Pavel, and Jedd are very busy working on compiling the source code for LZ so that we can get to a point of being able to release it. I've been tinkering (and will continue) with getting the website more ready for our expanded project. Once we are more ready, we'll be issuing an official press release. I have prepared a list of places that will go, but welcome your ideas.

Happy Yule!

snow covered Yule lights

We've been teasing you for weeks, and now we can tell you openly: Lightzombie is finally dying with the 2012 year, but the LightZone Project has been born and will be ready to flourish in the new year. You can already see that our name and URL have changed, as well as my gaudy holiday (temporary! But festive I hope...) livery for the website, which will undergo some redesign after the 1st of the year to better accommodate the scope of the new project. Please read Anton Kast's post below for the significant details.

dcraw 9.17 released

Dave Coffin has released version 9.17 of dcraw. I've updated the LightZombie source and I've checked in (to the Unstable branch) executables for Windows and Linux. Linux users, remember to chmod +x dcraw after downloading the executable. Update below.

LightZone Project

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Anton Kast. Together with Fabio Riccardi and Paul Lucas, I helped write LightZone while employed as a software engineer at Light Crafts.

It's been a year since the last LightZone license was sold. Fabio, Paul and I have moved on to other things, and Light Crafts is no longer a going concern. But the irony of commercial software is that when the company which made an app goes away, the app itself can sometimes flourish.


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