Linux beta testing has begun! (plus Windows news)

Today, May 5 (Cinco de Mayo!---have a Margarita!) 2013, we begin our Linux Beta Test. I have emailed all of you who responded below to the post "Call for Linux Beta Testers" from our Bluehost server. Please be sure to check the email you provided at registration for the link to the download packages. Please reply to the email so I know who got it. We are testing 32 and 64 bit versions for Ubuntu (which may also work on Debian), OpenSUSE, and Fedora. This will be an accelerated beta test, because <!--break-->we think most issues would already have been caught in the Windows tests.

Quick Update

We are still shooting for a public release of the Windows version ASAP, however this morning I received messages from members of the Dev Team that there is now a compilation error in the Windows build that is being worked on. I also heard from current lead developer Pavel Benak that the Linux build is compiling OK, so perhaps we will be moving to the Linux Beta test by tomorrow, after I check with him this morning (afternoon for him). I have no new report for the Mac build, unfortunately. Also this morning...<!--break-->...

Call for Drupal and web design assistance

I haven't wanted to do so until now, because I didn't want to divert technically skilled people away from our top priorities, getting the program released and working on the translation project(s) and manual. But if anyone has Drupal or web design skills, please post here and I will contact you. I am planning a significant site overhaul, long overdue, and while I have some local help there is a limit to how much I can impose on them and pay them (not much!). On top of that Drupal 8 is coming this summer and that will mean more important work.

Please All Windows Beta Testers Report In!

It's time to start wrapping up our Windows Beta Test, so please all of you who have been testing report in by posting your experiences to the Windows Beta Test forum. If you still have some testing to do please try to finish it in the next several days. We want to be able to release the Windows version to the public by the first week of May, which is coming fast. I am working hard at my end on website issues to prepare (so, I think some changes are coming next week.). Thank you all!

Call for Linux Beta Testers

Pavel has informed us that Dev Team member Masahiro has cleared up the glitch in Linux mentioned previously, and thus if we find no other issues we will be starting the Linux Beta Test very soon. Therefore we are issuing this call for Linux Beta Testers. If you are able to work on this, please respond in the comments section below this article/post. Please make sure your registered email here is one where we can reach you!

500 Members.

We have crossed yet another threshold today as we surpassed the 500 member mark. This represents growth of over 100 members in the last month, a 25% increase, possibly our best month ever. While this is very significant for us now, I look forward to the day (which may be coming sooner than I think!) when we will remember these mileposts in a bemused way, as we remember the small events of childhood. But for today, congratulations to us!


Public release very soon!

Our beta testers have begun a second round of beta testing with a new distribution for Windows. We think this means that we are very close to a public release of the Windows version. So far no significant bugs have been found---extremely good news. As soon as we can we will also begin the Linux beta testing on Ubuntu and OpenSUSE. We have one issue that is being checked this week, and once we have that nailed down we'll start that beta testing. Exciting times for us!

Translations Have Begun

I am happy to report that we have begun translation projects for LightZone. This is starting with the program itself through the Dev Team thanks to Andreas Rother of Belgium, but will eventually extend to a separate Help Files PDF, one day leading to the first LZ manual since V1.6. As I understand it now, we have begun this process in Japanese and German for the program (and possibly Italian?). Our old LZ friend Peter Wolbink of the Netherlands Is nominally the overseer for the PDF conversion process, which is complete or nearly so, and coordinator of the translations headed that way.

Beta Testing Has Begun!

Beta testing for the new public version of LZ has officially begun. The first 20 testers have been sent their links via their provided emails. The link to the program is not being made public yet and won't be for a couple of weeks at least while these tests take place. Note to all testers: I have sent you an email with the link for the program download via the email you provided. At least one of these has bounced back, so, that is something you'll have to fix in your profile!

March 2013 News---please read .

We have several important bits of news for you here in the middle of March. The best news is that we are ready to beta test the Windows version of the newly compiled LightZone. This is the version that is the most complete, with only one glitch that I've been told "doesn't matter". SO.....all of you Windows people who are willing and able to do some beta testing, please step forward! Contact us through the site, commenting here, or via email now, please. I will set up a new forum topic for this as well where beta testing info can be shared.


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