More Raw Tone Curve camera profiles

I've checked in a bunch more Raw Tone Curves for cameras added in the dcraw 9.15 and 9.16 releases.

Here's what's new:

  • Canon G1 X
  • Canon 5D mk III
  • Fuji X-S1
  • Nikon D4
  • Nikon D3200
  • Sony NEX-F3
  • Sony SLT-A37
  • Sony SLT-A57

These are in addition to the new templates already mentioned:

dcraw 9.16 released

We're still waiting for a Mac build of dcraw 9.15, and Dave Coffin has released 9.16. This release includes support for the Canon Rebel T4i/650D plus some minor stuff. I've merged the LightZone updates at the github site, and done a build for Windows.

I've also created an interim Raw Tone Curve for the T4i/650D. I say "interim" because the usual Raw captures that I'd use for calibrating the curve aren't yet available.

A few new camera Raw Tone Curve profiles

I picked a few camera models and produced Raw Tone Curve files for them. Surprisingly, the Fuji X-Pro1 Raw decoding seems to work. I don't know how, but it looks reasonable to me.

The new Raw Tone Curve files are:

dcraw 9.15 released

Dave Coffin has released version 9.15 of dcraw. The timing is a problem; I'm going to be tied up for most of the next week.

I did check it into the git repository, and merge the changes into the LightZone version. It was a blind merge, and there were a lot of changes this time, so it's certainly possible that something broke. I did verify that it compiled under Windows and that the resulting dcraw.exe would open at least one of my Canon CR2 Raw files, so I know it's not a total disaster. :-)

DNG 7.1 released; dcraw should be out in a week

Adobe has finally released DNG converter 7.1. Dave Coffin usually releases a new version of dcraw about a week after that. Then I can generate the updated dcraw source code for LightZone. I'll also generate the Windows build, and we'll have to rely on volunteers for the Mac and Linux builds.

We'll be having a server update

April, 19, 2012: Within the next 48 hours, hopefully in the early morning hours (U.S. times...), these servers will be upgraded. This will probably mean an outage of service resulting in our site being off-line for 2-3 hours. Do not be alarmed, just check back later.

Calling all Zombie crew members!

Once before we made a plea that we needed technical assistance for both MAC and Linux. Well, mate-ees, we still do. In fact so far we've gotten precious little. We're not kidding, we need some assistance in these areas especially. Lots of new camera profiles will need to be done this year. I will remind all of you that it is in your own best interests for this to happen. Support comes from the community collectively, now, and that is the only place it's coming from. We need to be able to hold on until this thing is truly open sourced.

Another look ahead at Raw file support

Adobe Camera Raw version 6.7 came out as a Release Candidate a week ago. So, if things go as usual, we'll probably be seeing an updated dcraw version sometime toward the end of April.


The cameras announced as being newly supported in 6.7 RC are:

Version 9.12 of dcraw is now standard

It's been about a month since I put the dcraw 9.12 builds into beta, and I haven't heard of any glitches. So I've now made 9.12 the standard dcraw version available for download.

If anyone needs a Raw Tone Curve that wasn't supplied with LightZone and we haven't already provided, do leave a request in the Raw Tone Curve forum.

The Fuji X-Trans sensor and X-Pro1 camera

Fujifilm has introduced a new camera and new sensor design at CES. The X-Trans sensor in the upcoming X-Pro1 camera uses a 6x6 color filter array with aperiodic spacing of the various color filters, which Fuji says permits them to leave off the low-pass (anti-aliasing) filters. Moiré from aliasing can still occur, but it's less likely to involve false color, which is what most people find objectionable.


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