Reminiscences: the LightZombie Project

In a few days, the LightZombie Project will be replaced by something much grander. Right now it's a caterpillar in its chrysalis, undergoing the transformation into a butterfly. This seems like an appropriate time to look back over the history of the project — a history that is essentially complete.

Santa is about to be good to us!

I think it's going to be a good holiday season for all of us faithful LZ users. Doug & I have today (28/11/2012) gotten some REALLY good news which we hope to be able to share with all of you shortly. Probably there is a little bit of i dotting and t crossing before we can share this with you fully, but it should make all of you pretty happy. Stay tuned!

Watch this space! And thank you all!

As Doug has announced immediately below, Anton Kast has joined our merry band. And we are more merry for it! For our U.S. members, you now have one more thing to be especially thankful for this Thanksgiving. Please welcome him with your posts.

Anton Kast joins the LightZombie Project

Nothing puts a little zing into a zombie's shambling walk like some fresh bra-a-ains.

Tex and I are thrilled to announce that Anton Kast has joined the LightZombie Project staff. Anton wrote a bunch of the original code for LightZone, and you'll find his name on the LightZone start-up (splash) screen. Plus, Anton knows Mac!

On Raw Tone Curves

Over at The Online Photographer, Ctein has written an article about how the camera manufacturer's decision as to how much highlight headroom to leave in the Raw file affects the characteristic curve that the Raw converter uses. I'm not sure that the article is as clear as Ctein thinks that it is, but it does, indirectly, touch on the concept of the Raw Tone Curves that LightZone uses.

The longevity of Raw files - a reconsideration

Twenty years from now, will you be able to open Raw files from some of the new camera models? Revisiting an old question.

Approval now required for posting

Regrettably, the increasing onslaught of spammers has forced us to require admin approval of new registrations posting permissions. After many months of relatively low spamming activity and no successful registration of spammer accounts, in the past two days we've seen over 100 registration attempts by spammers, a dozen of which succeeded because the spammers created throwaway email accounts (virtually all on GMail) and verified their registrations. Four of them successfully posted spam messages (which have been deleted). Updates in the comments.

Whither AfterShot Pro?

Corel bought out Bibble Labs and had the Bibble folks develop the AfterShot Pro product, which was announced at CES last January. Now there are claims that Corel has kicked all of the Bibble developers to the curb. [1] [2] (Note that both are from the same person, a moderator on the Corel boards.)

Over 200 members - and no spammers

Over 200 people have now registered here at! We're glad to have you all with us.

A lot more spammers have tried to register, and with a few exceptions early on, they've failed. Right now we're under siege by a Ukrainian, who's made 37 attempts (if I counted correctly) to register. Just today! The fool isn't taking the hint.

Mac version of new dcraw available

Thanks to kurt, we now have the Mac build for the new dcraw 9.16. The new dcraw is in beta status, and the builds can be obtained via the following links:


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