"Couln't link with native library - MAC 10.9.5.

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"Couln't link with native library - MAC 10.9.5.

Hej dear fellas and developers,

first at all thanks to the dev for taking the work to create LIghtZone :) ,

I heard from few friends, near LIghtRoom, it's the best, so i'll stick with it and hope to make it running.

And yes, i know there are few other threads with the same issue, just i didn't rly find an aswer and like any thread i read was about 1 library error.

I got these errors one after the other:

Couldn't link with native library: DCRaw

Couldn't link with native library: FASTJAI

Couldn't link with native library: fbf

Couldn't link with native library: LCJPEG

Couldn't link with native library: LCTIFF

always with the same reason: image not found. Well in the package content folder of "LightZone" i see the named files in describtion are there. Still LightZone starts up, just can't rly open or view pictures to be editted. When started first the registration went fine i guess.

Basically i read "Mac users plz write a feedback if it works fine." so i did. If a dev suggest me, i download another version of LightZone.

Or maybe we find a solution :) if i can do anything to help out, just let me know.


Grettings from Switzerland, Patrick