X-T2 raw compressed files

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X-T2 raw compressed files

As I wrote somewhere before in the forum, LZ 4.1.7 will not open the compressed raw files generated by the Fujifilm X-T2.  Is there anyone working on this?  Thanks!

No, you have to wait



We have to wait until dcraw is being updated. Dcraw is library LZ uses to decode the rawfiles. We are not able to this on our own. So please some patience, or use a commercial program in the meantime (silkypix) and convert to a tiff wich can then be used in LZ.


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While darktable 2.2.5 can't open compressed X-T2 files, the next version most likely will. The pre-alpha darktable 2.3.0 for Windows can already open them fine; one more alternative for the meantime, with regions, masks, zone system etc., if you don't like RawTherapee.