Windows Lightzone : create log file failed (error 5) Access is denied

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Windows Lightzone : create log file failed (error 5) Access is denied

Hi there,

 I've managed to keep LZ running well on Windows 8 for months now, and have been impressed.  ( Windows 8 is unstable, and LZ is excellent and I wish I had stuck with Windows 7 and left Windows 8 well alone //rant off.).

However, after not using LZ for a few weeks, I suddently had this message pop up when I strarted LZ. Nothing has changed.  LZ runs as Admin, and always has because it refused to run as a normal user.  The message is :


Create log file failed (error 5): Access is denied.


Great, because Windows does not tell me which log file or in which directory it tried to create the file!  Does anyone know?


Cheers, z.


I'm assuming that's the lightzone.log file. That file should be going under your Documents folder, in the LightZone subfolder.

Same issue after W10 Update

I'm getting the exact same message after updating to Windows 10 today.  I uninstalled and reinstalled Lightzone but there is no change.  Does anyone know what's going on?


ETA: Running as admin allows it to launch but it never had this issue when I was running W7.

Possibly v4.1.2 is not Win10 ready

I don't know this for a fact  (and I am in no rush to upgrade to Win10!---I usually wait a good long while before upgrading my OS...), but I don't think we knew Win10 was coming before v4.1.2 got released.

Probably it's an easy fix and we'll have an update soon.

Check ownership

This is the lightzone.log file, which is simply being written into the Lightzone folder in your Documents folder. That should be an accessible place. We're not writing any place exotic.

Try using the "take ownership" fix outlined by Microsoft here:

It's in the section, "I installed a new version of Windows and now I can't open a folder."

That fixed it. Thanks so much

That fixed it. Thanks so much for the help.

Windows 10 :create log file failed (error 5) Access is denied

Lightzone has just stopped working for me. Even logging in as Admin I still get the message : "create log file failed (error 5) Access is denied"

Can anyone help?

Well I've fixed it. My fault. I must have made Lightzone into a hidden file.  Once unticked 'Hide File' it worked as before.

Glad you found the problem

Unfortunately we all tend to be our own worst enemy sometimes.  I've done, and I'm sure many others have as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!