RAW profiles in production

The following RAW profiles are in production as of June 20, 2013. We await certainty that the latest updates from dcraw are stable with LightZone. This list is from nDoug Pardee, currently our RAW profiler extraordinaire:

I've added Raw Tone Curves for the following cameras, duplicated from existing RTC files. They're now part of the pull request that's outstanding for dcraw (the Canon 6D is already in there).
* Canon G12
* Fuji X100S (although dcraw doesn't seem to work right with this one)
* Nikon 1 S1
* Nikon Coolpix A
* Nikon D5200
* Nikon D7100
* Olympus E-P3
* Olympus E-PL1S
* Olympus E-PL2
* Olympus E-PL3
* Olympus E-PM1
* Sony NEX-3N
* Sony NEX-C3

The following *should* have been able to use copied Raw Tone Curve files, but they didn't seem to work. More investigation is needed:
* Canon SL1/100D/X7
* Canon T6I/700D/X7I
* Nikon D800E

By the way, I'm having the same problem with the Canon SL1/100D/X7 as I'm having with the Canon 6D. Oddly, I don't have it with the T6I/700D/X7I. There is way too much "magic" in this stuff.