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This is a summary page of All LightZone material pertaining to RAW profiles and profiling

From its inception LightZone has had some unique abilities for working with RAW files. It was the original completely non-destructive image editor. As such, when using LightZone there was never a need to create copies of one's RAW files just in order to work on them (there are other sound reasons to make copies, but those reasons don't have anything to do with LightZone's processes). Furthermore, LightZone's unique tools could be applied to those RAW files in the same way as they could be applied to JPEG and TIFF files. LightZone was also the first wholly selective editor, allowing for editing within a proscribed region only, and this could also be done directly with the RAW files without actually changing them. Finally, LightZone allowed users to print directly from their RAW files without any intervening conversion to another file type having to be done. Of course this requires preloaded RAW profiles in the program to work properly, and therefore the program needs to be continually updated with the RAW profiles for new camera bodies. This is the Achilles heel of many RAW conversion and editing programs. We at The LightZone Project are committed in principal to keeping LZ as up to date as we can. In practice, it may be that we get behind from time to time. But we can address this problem not only internally, and we have limited resources as a volunteer organization, but communally as well because we are an open source project. This will be an advantage to us in the coming months and years. In the spirit of this communal, open source methodology, we are providing here not only the list of current RAW profiles incorporated into the program, but also the DIY instructions to create new RAW profiles, or different ones if users believe existing ones can be improved. Along with other unique features of LightZone, add this one! We recognize that not everyone will want to do this, especially initially, and the instructions in the WIKI link below will make more sense to the technoscenti than the average person. Nevertheless, because LightZone is now a free download with no licensing keys or restrictions on the number of times you can download or number of machines you can put it on, we encourage users to make the attempt at creating your own RAW profiles and sharing them with our community. The worst that can happen is that you "break" your copy of LightZone and have to download it again. So, please be bold.

Links to pages about existing RAW profiles(Update, 3/31/2014: We are busily working on new profiles based on the latest dcraw release. They will be listed shortly):

dcraw Updates(These do not represent the latest dcraw updates. Those are found only in the latest v4.1 beta 6. Beta 7 coming shortly)

Videos about RAW Profile Creation

Link to WIKI about RAW Profile Creation, V4.0.0 forward:

(use these instructions if you have downloaded a new version) Right-click this link

Archival links to V3.9.x RAW creation: