Happy Yule ! Have a Wonderful Holiday.

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Happy Yule (to those of us who keep to the old ways...), Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah (just passed)!  And just in time for the holiday Masahiro brings you a gift.  From his email to me: "I've just uploaded new packages, v4.1.0beta14, in time for Xmas. :)

There were a lot of parts to change to internationalize help files on all OS's, so I needed longer time than I had estimated."  Changelog is here: https://github.com/ktgw0316/LightZone/wiki/ChangeLog.  Now, on to Yule feast prep---read more if you want to see the menu....

2014 Yule feast at tex andrews'  house, numbers indicate courses and wines we have, plus additional ones brought by guests.  12 people.  Wish you were here! (well, maybe not all 73,500 of you !):

  1. homemade mushroom soup, 2010 Cougar Crest  Viognier
  2. fish course of cold smoked wild Sockeye Salmon on toast points, with garnishes of sour cream, Pacific Salmon roe, Pike caviar, sour cream, red onion, capers, 2007 Friedrich-Wilhelm -Gymnasium Graache Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett Mosel
  3. salad course of wild gathered watercress and red grapefruit granitee
  4. main course of wild boar and sauerkraut, venison with port wine and lingonberry reduction, duck breasts with light orange glaze, roasted potatoes and vegetables, 2005 Chateau D'Arlay Cotes de Jura rouge or alternate, depending. 
  5. dessert course of homemade mince pie and hard sauce, pecan pie and whipped cream, sliced homemade great cake, sparkling wine by guests (possibly "cocktailed" with cranberry juice or cassis)
  6. fruits and cheeses, 2003 Quinto do Noval port (and other dessert wines)

Enjoy your holidays!  Got a recipe or menu to share? Got new gear? Share it with us below if you like.

Yohohohohoo make yourself a gift

Sounds just like a good meal


From me a big THANK YOU to everyone contributing (testing, using, developing, maintaining, translating) For the last word (translating) I am giving myself, and maybe a few others a nice gift. LightZone will speak my own language. But I am sure it could speak many more languages. It is not that hard work. But you may need some spare time. So contact Mashihiro (A BIG THANK YOU to him) and move on with any help you can offer. Contributing is fun. And you are giving yourself and others a free gift.

Happy Holiday, Christmas, Yule and winter solstice to everybody


  ¤< ((:--))###########>

thank you for all your work,

thank you for all your work, and happy new year! :)

Thank You

For the good wishes, which would I like to give back to You with interest ;) .

Thank You for the time and effort You invested over the last year(s). 

All the best for 2015!!!


Best regards



Fedora 21

Hello and congrats on the new beta! Are you plaining on building for Fedora 21? I don't mean to be presumtuous,
but it would seem like a good idea to, given that Fedora 18 has been EOL for almost a year and 19 will be shortly.

Happy new years!

.. Mads

Fedora 20/21 repos

You can find repositories for Fedora 20 and 21 here: http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/ktgw0316:/LightZone:/lightzone-testing/

There are "home:ktgw0316:LightZone:lightzone-testing.repo" files in Fedora_2* folders.

Copy one of them (right for your system) to your /etc/yum.repos.d and remove the old one for Fedora 18. Do it as root, of course.

And now - simply - yum update...

I just updated Ligtzone 4.0.0 to 4.1.0~beta14. I feel that new version is a little bit slower.

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