Couldn't Read XML

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Couldn't Read XML

Any idea how to fix this error? Can't save files, can't open previously edited files.

Any details?

Can you tell me what the error message says? Or is that it?

And have you looked in the lightzone.log file? Anything helpful in there?

My first reaction would be simply to reinstall. Is this on Windows, Mac, or Linux?

Possible Solution

To set the scene, I am a Mac user on Mac OS X Lion and using LZ 3.9.2.

About a year or more ago I had this issue - I had some image files which had gained XML files as I had opened the images in Photoshop. LZ would not open them. I resolved the issue by deleting the XMLs and after that no problem.

At that time the XMLs had no further use to me, but this may not be in your case.

I have my library of RAW images duplicated, one set is devoted to LZ, the other is for more general use in other applications. In that way I avoid such conflicts.

Hope it helps.

Photoshop CS4 metadata

I'm working this problem via e-mail with Bob, but for the rest of you (and for posterity):

This appears to be the "non-ASCII characters in XML" problem on Macs that is cured by the Info.plist download. In this case, the non-ASCII characters are in XMP metadata that was generated by Photoshop CS4. Specifically, in the begin attribute of the xpacket tag — it looks like Adobe has stuck binary data in there, and that data is rendering as a 3-octet UTF-8 sequence. Bad Adobe. No biscuit.

There's no hope of getting Adobe to clean up their act on this one, but I've got high hopes that the Info.plist update will take care of it.

I know this is an old topic,

I know this is an old topic, but I just came across the same problem.

One dirty fix is to use exiv2 and remove all metadata. I do this on Linux, I am not sure if exiv2 is available for Mac.

So on Linux, you simply run this command:

exiv2 rm image.tif

I believe you could also remove the XMP data only instead of all meta data, or maybe even only the "offending" tag. 'haven't tried that, since I work with negative/positive scans, and always put in the metadata after image editing.