Zone Mapper does not work properly in Yosemite

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Zone Mapper does not work properly in Yosemite

I did a quick bit of searching, but I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet. The Zone Mapper tool does not appear to behave correctly in Yosemite... it's like it cannot identify/select all the zones in an image. It's not possible to adjust the midtones in an image, for example, even though you can move the middle zone around in the Zone Mapper interface on the right. The actual image midtones don't get adjusted. 

I've tried both v4.0 and the latest RC. The Windows version seems fine... the Zone Mapper works as expected on Windows as far as I can tell.

I think your machine must

I think your machine must have a problem as the ZoneMapper works for me on my Mac with OSX10.10.3.