Zone finder 'look' - can it be output?

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Zone finder 'look' - can it be output?

I like the look of the image I see in the zone finder from my raw file - the image I see is BW and has a 'dry brush' look like you might see in Photoshop.  Is there a way to output the image with this look?





It's not possible to export

It's not possible to export the ZoneFinder, but I think you can imitate it:

  1. Add "Black & White" tool/style
  2. Add "Noise Reduction" tool and inclese "Grain Noise" value. (This is a bilateral filter that smooths Image details while keeping objects' edge.)
  3. Add "ZoneMapper" tool and click all 17 lines on the ZoneMapper to fix their position
  4. Drag every each lines until it touchs its upper one. For instance, move 2nd line to the same position as 3rd line, move 4th to 5th, 6th to 7th, ,.. and 16th to 17th.

You will understand what I mean if you compare Histgram preview before and after the step 4.


Hope this helps,