Wish list eliminate some confirmation dialogs

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Wish list eliminate some confirmation dialogs

I want to thank you for your work on maintaining this incredible OS product. 

I am requesting a few items that would just make workflow a little easier.  

     On delete - no confirmation

     On revert - no confirmation dialog or perhaps just a discard button to return to browse mode.   

Maybe turn on  these features via a check box in the confirmation dialog  or add to preferences.

I love these features on picasa and is my goto quick reviewer prior to processing my photos  I do a lot of running photos of some local teams  and like to quick run through before I go to the next step.

A separate request is a hidden feature in picasa if you hit ctrl and alt the picture goes to full screen while keys are pressed.  Really helpful for quick review especially on laptop screen where real estate is limited.


Thanks again for your fine work. My apologies if the word picasa raises hackles  !

+1 for less confirmations

Usually this kind of confirmations are optional (to be activated in preferences), as I use LZ also for soring my fotos I get nuts when deleting 100+ images an evening, so it would be great to be able to disable these warnings