Win 10 Lightzone do not start

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Win 10 Lightzone do not start

Please help me.

Lightzone don't start.

windows open with the question "Reset" or "Don't reset".

But after the answer - lightzone do  not start.

Can you help me?

What version



Are you running a 64bit or 32bit version of windows ?? You should use amd64 if it is 64 bit, and x86 if it is a 32 bit version. In either case try to uninstall and then reinstall Lighzone.


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Lightone does not start.

I have the same issue...

Uninstalling and reinstalling does not cure the problem. I'm running the 64bit version, Windows 10, Version 1703.

This fault seems to have only come about since Windows V 1703 came into existance?

Question... Does Lightzone use or require Python. If so, does other python packages interfere with its operation?


@fleatech LightZone doesn't

@fleatech LightZone doesn't use Python. It is written mainly in Java, with some C++ native code.

Lightzone still does not start...

I have tried both the 32 and 64 bit versions. I have deleted and reinstalled adinfinitum. I have wiped all traces of its existance on every install. I have performed admin and non-admin installs.

Still no luck in getting Lightzone to start once installed. I'm happy to try any suggestion at this point.


No problem here

I too am runnig Windows 10/pro/64/ver 1703 and Lightzone starts fine.  My one suggestion would be to post your question in the DPR retouching forum.  It would get a lot more views than it does here, and maybe someone might have a cure.

After thinking about it, I still suggest DPR, but you might try the PC Forum if you don't get any answers from the Retouching Forum.

delete God Mode

I had the same problem. It seems to be caused by the God Mode folder. I deleted it and LigthZone now starts normaly.

Deleting GodMode Folder


Simply deleting the GodMode folder (which appeared to have become nameless on my system) solved the issue!

Off topic

What kind of gods ask for help on humble human web forums?

Have all a nice day!

Confirming that fixed the

Confirming that fixed the issue for me also. Thanks all for working that out. God know what else in Windows that broke of late.

I dont find any GODMODE

I dont find any GODMODE folder- Win 10, Thank you

I found the solution go to

I found the solution go to the site download the version : LightZone-Installer-4.1.7-amd64.exe IT WORKS!




The files

on SpiderOak and GitHub are identical.

The God Mode

"Windows Master Control Panel shortcut" is not officially supported by Microsoft and is not available in Windows settings, it requires a little hack, that was discovered in the times of Windows Vista.

It is advisable to disable this kind of tweaks before reporting problems with LightZone to avoid unnecessary waste of everybody's time. Especially on Windows 10, that is changing all the time, introducing enough other problems for developers.

Stephin W H
God Mode Strikes again

Thanks to all of you that mentioned God Mode.  I deleted mine and now Lightzone works fine.