When do we get a OSX 10.10 compatible version

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When do we get a OSX 10.10 compatible version


Since OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) is now officially released, when can we expect a compatible version?


Writing as a Windows user ...

Writing as a Windows user .... does anyone else find it  really annoying that every time Apple push an update out it creates so much work for all their developers and customers?


Now that they boast about "free" updates is it not about time they started to offer to pay for all the effort people have to go through just to stand still?


While people are working at getting their products running again they are not able to use the time to improve them for those not using Apple. A net de-benefit for everyone, including Mac users.


Silly question possibly since I know nothing about Macs but have you tried re-installing LZ in the hope that whatever had been changed by the Apple update would be changed back by a re-install? You may need to do a full delete first it seems, reading solutions for other applications.






Jim Kofron
The current version is

The current version is compatible with Yosemite, but not with Java 7, which is installed. Java 6 is deinstalled with the Yosemite installation. All you need to do is launch Lightzone. You'll get a note saying you need the old version of Java, and clicking on the button takes you to the download page. Download and install---everything is good.

i beg to differ

While i did all that, it still doesn't work.


In the mean time Masahiro (ktgw0316) released a new version of the beta for OSX, but that still crashes on my system (see http://lightzoneproject.org/lorum/lightzone-410-beta-12-osx-1010-yosemite).


I believe he is investigating now what the problem could be.


I just uploaded Masahiro's latest build and it works fine on Yosemite, including with Fuji xtrans files. Many thanks to Masahiro.

Me too!

Yay, it works for me too now. Thanks Masahiro!

Same here :D

Same here :D

Masahiro, thank you soooo much!

Yes I agree the latest build

Yes I agree the latest build marked "LZ4.1.0 Beta 13 for Mavericks" works well for me on my main machine which is a Mac Pro but it fails on a Mac Mini Server. 
Both machines are running the identical OSX version 10.10.1 with Java patches.


I have just done a reinstall

I have just done a reinstall of the "LZ4.1.0 Beta 13 for Mavericks" and after a Reset for the settings and Reset to factory Defaults all is now working on my Mac Mini Server.


For those who still need to

For those who still need to update Java on 10.10, the direct download link is here: http://download.info.apple.com/Mac_OS_X/031-03190.20140529.Pp3r4/JavaFor... 001.dmg


The apple KB article that links to this is dead, but the download still works. Once I installed this (and BETA 13 for Mavericks,) the message asking for Java SE6 went away. 

The above link doesn't work

The above link doesn't work when clicked, but this should be a working link:


4.1.0 beta14 issues:

4.1.0 beta14 issues:

- The beta always opens with a very tiny window in the left upper corner.

- Cmd+R sometimes does not toggle the Regions visible. This issue was present already with the 4.0 final.

Raw Issues


Apart from the two Mac issues that you detailed above, are you seeing any issues with Raw files as detailed here - http://lightzoneproject.org/lorum/color-management-problem-mac-os-x-1010

I find this still in the current (4.1.0 Beta 14).


Take care,



Unfortunately I don't have a

Unfortunately I don't have a RAW source, I'm only editing jpg images.


I have now used the 4.1 RC for a while. I don't know if this is the right forum for reporting, but in case it is, here are issues that I think need attention:

- Cmd +  zooms out, Cmd ´  zooms in. International keyboard support needed.

- When launched, the right panel is too narrow. For example, the pink ball is hidden from a tool's Color Selection, and Tool Opacity slider is partially hidden.

- When copy-pasteing the Toolstack in the Browser, the filename gets an added "-1" instead of "_lzn". This makes further file handling slower, since I now have both -1 and _lzn files.

- Sometimes when scrolling the toolstack with a trackpad swipe (= mouse wheel), the cursor gets stuck in a parameter and suddenly adjusts the parameter instead of scrolling the toolstack. Option to disable adjusting parameters with mouse wheel is needed.

- Scrolling (or panning) a zoomed image with trackpad works only rarely, and even then usually only in one axis.

- After rotating the image, a saved style is also rotated when applied.


Issues that remain from older versions, that I think could be improved:

- If saved styles have region areas, they should be applied relative to the image corners. They now seem random.

- Saving a style, the target folder is random. I feel it should always point to "Custom", or the last folder where a style was saved to. 

- When entering cropping mode, the default cropping is NEVER useful. Cropping mode should start with no cropping.

- Relight does not launch with neutral adjustments. Neutral values are: 1, 0, 1, 8, 1. Having to launch one tool from saved styles instead of the toolbar makes little sense.

- Tools should have self-adjustable default values.

- Tool Color Selection can't be copied to another tool.

- Selecting a color with the color picker should be possible also from other tools' Color Selection color square.

- File size conversion should be implemented, for example as a resize tool.

- Region area slope should really be able to be dragged outside the region as well.