website space optimization

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website space optimization



on the road with my laptop i dont have the luxury of a 19" screen, so i decided to brutally hack down the size of the headers of the website with some greasemonkey script. it aint pretty but it sure saves a lot of metres of mouse scroll. ;)




// ==UserScript==
// @name lightzone cleaner
// @namespace GRUBERND
// @description regain some space on
// @include*
// @version 1
// @grant none
// ==/UserScript==
// remove the header image etc
var headerSection = document.getElementById('header');
if (headerSection) {headerSection.parentNode.removeChild(headerSection);}
// remove the intro text for unregistered users
var pleaseRead = document.getElementById('block-block-14');
if (pleaseRead) {pleaseRead.parentNode.removeChild(pleaseRead);}
var unregisteredIntro = document.getElementById('block-block-17');
if (unregisteredIntro) {unregisteredIntro.parentNode.removeChild(unregisteredIntro);}

Thanks!  I still have to re

Thanks!  I still have to re-do this ugly website---the new theme is more mobile ready and scales better I think. 

I don't think the header was

I don't think the header was ugly, but I can't help seeing a code line without testting it: On Chromium with TamperMonkey, I pasted it and it worked perfectly on my 23" screen. 23" screens should not be 16:9. This is only a marketing trick to get a longer diagonal with fewer pixels. My preferred monitor (but now a bit worn) is 5:4: this was much better for nearly any work, except watching videos, which I never do on a computer...

I must add my comment that

I must add my comment that the design of the Lightzone website leaves a lot to be desired. I understand that Drupal constrains things in some ways, but the template used doesn't gel with me. There are some glaring CSS issues that need resolving, and far too much space is taken up with the header and left sidebar, making it a chore to access the forum. Given the choice, I would be inclined to adopt a new template, for example one of the business themes that are available, and then customise the blocks with some new CSS to make them pop. 


Yes, well... spoken like

Yes, well... spoken like someone who knows what thy're talking about, as opposed to me.  I have no CSS skills yet.  We do have a new template that is very cool, but rolling it out requires extensive CSS work.  Right now I've got my hands full on another project that has hard deadlines, for instance one this past week.  The rest of my life is negatively impacting my work on LZ and the project, unfortunately...

I'm not an expert in Drupal,

I'm not an expert in Drupal, though I have developed a lot of templates for Wordpress, Serendipity, and a few for Joomla. 

I'd be happy to help out, though I can only offer 2-3 hours per week.

On my machine, the top

On my machine, the top graphics header plus the note take almost all of the browser screen, which is unfortunate.


I'm no web expert but I think drupal is one of the rather versatile but also more demanding (configuration) web portals. Maybe an easier alternative would be sufficient. Also, the forums plugin is also a bit old-fashioned.