Website blocked in Taiwanese ISP

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Website blocked in Taiwanese ISP

Hi there,

I started using Lightzone when I was living in Taiwan and I was never able to get into the website as the access was permanently blocked. I've been living in Japan for a while and since then I've been using it. 

In a few weeks I'm moving back to Taiwan and I'm afraid I won't be able to access anymore. I just asked 3 friends of mine over there to access and only one is able to connect, the others are blocked (not sure if they are using the same ISP) with a message like this:

The detected reason(s) you were blocked are: Taiwanese ISP with a history of uncontrolled attacks (HN-0053)

Is this policy going to change at some point? Or the attacks are still going on and that's why this permanent block remains? 


Probably permanent

Generally speaking, once an ISP starts allowing spammers and hackers, they never clean up their act. They just get worse and worse. Legitimate users leave because of the widespread blocking of the ISP, and all that's left are spammers and hackers. is notorious for hosting DDOS attacks -- although it's not clear to me that it's an actual DDOS, but rather incredibly heavy spamming (Hinet's business is providing super-broadband). Here's one from this January. Reports of spam and hacker attacks from go back to at least 2002. Sites that host email servers or forums, like ours, have little choice except to block all traffic from Hinet out of self-defense.

IP block bypass

If you find you can't reach the LightZone site after you get to Taiwan, send us an email at info at, telling us your IP address. We'll unblock the particular set of IP addresses that you're on. Chances are low that a spammer or hacker would be using that particular set of IP addresses.

If I experience it again once

If I experience it again once I'm back there I will send an email , thanks Doug!