Vintage Styles

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Vintage Styles

Sharing a Vintage Style ... I didnt wanted to create one of each color like you will do in lightroom for example

because one of the beauty things about lightzone is that you can modify the tools as you which so all you need to

do is play around with the shadow and highlight tonning tools on the style to create your own.

How to Install...

Download the file

Change the extention from txt to lzt

Place it in your Lightzone > Templates folder

=)  Enjoy!


Many thanks for this. Nice

Many thanks for this. Nice work.

I am now actively seeking out images that may work nicely with this style or something very close to with slight modification. For that it's a great starting point. A small tweak to one or two of the tools can provide a lot of control to align the style with the image content of very different original subjects. Can I ask you which camera or cameras you have  worked with when defining the style?  I'm curious to discover whether or not RAW files from different cameras have consistently obvious differences.


very nice, thank you

very nice, thank you



I ask for your permission to share your style in facebook page Lightzone Project.


Marcelo Anelli