Vignetting Tool

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Vignetting Tool



It would be nice to have vignetting tool as part of the tools in LZ. I know that I can create a vignetting effect with the standard tools and defining the area ( This requires manually setting the points for the area, aligning them with the image borders and image center, and if you decide to change the crop, you'll have to redo the all stuff. Also it is not possible to define a vignette style, as when the dimensions change the area becomes misaligned.


It doesn't have to be a specific vignette tool, it could also be an area, that is aligned with the image dimensions, either a rectangle or an ellipse. Then you could use the standard LZ tools to create the desired effect.



May be add an option to

May be add an option to define define area size in percentage instead of pixel coordinates ?


But may this involve to have region manager to set this clearly... (as Darktable do in some way if I remember well or AfterShot ? not sure)


Another vote for a vignette, I basically use that on 50% + of my processed images and doing by hand has quite some disadvantages as Juha lined out already