Video tutes on Spline & Bezier Regions?

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Video tutes on Spline & Bezier Regions?

I'm sure there is an easy way to adjust points on Spline and Bezier Regions. I imagined it would be like Gimp but it isn't. 

Are there any links to editing Regions including which zone to use?



Solved, sort of

I did a search and found a thread that suggests the Polygon Regions tool is the one to use, just with a lot of points.


Perhaps most of the time, but

Perhaps most of the time, but all three kinds do come handy. Like big rectangular regions with a lot of feathering, that can be, in combination with a colour mask, used, for instance, to darken the sky. Spline regions for vignetting and such. Saved as styles and often reused, with adjustments, when necessary.


- Mart

You could use too a circular

You could use too a circular/elliptic region by copying & pasting in another tool the regions created by red eye/dust removal tools.


Bezier & spline could be usefull too.

Bezier is pretty intuitive to use, but changing just one point could potentially affect the whole shape, but it's easy to adjust.

Spline may be more complicate to set, but changing a control point just affect the curve around this control point.


Personally,  I use Bezier most of the time.