Unable to get Lightzone 4.1.7 working with Mavericks (Mac OS 10.9.5)

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Unable to get Lightzone 4.1.7 working with Mavericks (Mac OS 10.9.5)

Happy New Year everyone,

I am unable to get Lightzone 4.1.7 to work on Mac OS Mavericks (10.9.5). I tried both DMG packages, in each case encountering (different) problems:

1) Sierra release: Upon launching the program, I get a string of error messages, actually quite similar to the issues discussed in the post linked below. Lightzone runs, however, no thumbnails are visible, and Edit mode cannot be accessed.


2) Snow Leopard release: While Lightzone launches, any attempt to add tools in Edit mode leads to Lightzone crashing, e.g., adding a Zone Mapper or opening a RAF (Fuji X-E2 RAW file) which likely launches the RAW tool.

Is there any way working around these issues or fixing them soon? Unfortunately, I overwrote my older Lightzone version and can't find older releases for download anywhere. So I am left without a functioning Lightzone right now, with many images I currently would like to edit...

Many thanks for any assistance!

Unable to get Lightzone 4.1.7 working with Mavericks (Mac OS 10.

I also just downloaded Lightzone 4.1.7 with the same results as "mobdrop".

The string of error mesages stated  "could not link with the native library: DCRaw; fbf; FASTJAI; LCJPEG; LCTIFF"

Any suggestions as to how to get it working?

roberto f


Good year to you.

Unfortunately I do not even mean.

In my discussion is there any links that might come in handy.


In my case the SnowLeopard 4.1.7 version works fine, except that ..

Working without a hitch so

Working without a hitch so far in Snow Leopard on an old 2006 Macbook core 2 duo with 1.5Gb RAM. A bit slow, but it's a pretty old machine.

Still not too happy 2017 for Mavericks users

I still have to find a solution that works for me on Mac OS Mavericks. Checking out older versions, Lightzone 4.1.6 seems to read RAF files of my X-E2 OK. However, it crashes upon using Convert. So I have been left without RAW editing and basic exporting capability since...

Dropdown menus are not working properly under 10.9.5

Hello all,

Mac OS X 10.9.5 - with Sierra version I get the same errors as the ones mentioned by agilephoto. With the Snow Leopard version the LightZone starts smoothly and works, but whenever I click on a dropdown menu, it unfolds and folds down immediately, before I can select any option. Not sure, if that's related - upon the initial launch, the OS informed me that - in order to run LightZone - it needs Java RE to be installed and if I want it to happen. I confirmed and the OS took care of everything, but I was not sure if that was the right version (I think the OS suggested version 6.0, which is obsolete), so I checked it from the command line with "java -version" - it returned:

openjdk version "1.7.0-internal"

I tried to download and install the latest version from Oracle - 8u141 - but somehow "java -version" still returns the same and the behavior of LightZone stays the same, which makes it useless for me.

Thanks for any help,



Brunorc, a potential workaround for selecting the menu items that disappear is to use the keyboard shortcuts.  For example, you can click CONTROL+E to get to the Edit screen mode.  If you can view the underlined keyboard shortcut, you can use the Control key for any of the other menu items.  I can't find a full list of the keyboard shortcuts in any help menu, so I not sure if the file exist.  Hopefully you can see the menu shortcuts and select them, if time permits during the brief listing of menu items.