Tool Stack/History in Browse Mode

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Tool Stack/History in Browse Mode

There are times that I go back to look at images that I worked on in LZ.  The issue I have is that I have to open each image to view what tools I used and/or history.  Is it possible to reviw already "edited images" in the browse window without having to go into the edit window?  If not, is it possible to add this feature?



What about saving as a style



If your need is to be able to replicate the processing from another picture, you can save that picture as a style, and then apply it to other pictures. I do not know if this will meet your needs. But if it is just the look from a few good pictures, this may be all you need


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Viewing Information Only, No Edit Needed

I'm not looking for the functionality of editing in the Browser Window just viewing.  For example, right now we have an "Info" tab to the far right of both the Browser window and Edit window.  In the Edit window we have the "Tools" tab (of course).  I'd like to see that duplicated but instead of being able to edit the tools, I'd like to view the tools used.  A tool list, if you will.


I hope that I explained it better.  Have a nice day as well!



I get what you are saying...

and I think it's a good idea.  I hope that once we have the last couple of editing improvements nailed down, we can turn our attentions to a few browser tweaks (although maybe one cool one is on the way...?  We'll see.)

Here and there,

when I want to, for instance, compare two very similar edits of the same photo, I look at the editing data. That can be seen and/or extracted in multiple ways (hex editors, or perhaps using this Juha's tool, that I haven't tried yet ...), but the simplest one seems to be opening a LZN file in a text editor. Saving the LightZoneTransform blocks as txt or lzn files, they can be compared with a tool like - on Windows - WinMerge.

Just a hint, perhaps slightly off-topic.

Be well!

Jacal: Not Trying to

compare two images.  Just trying to view what edits were made without having to go into edit window.  Thanks!