is there a turorial to create Raw Tone Curve?

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is there a turorial to create Raw Tone Curve?


is there a turorial to create a Raw Tone Curve?

so I/ and we can contribute with our gear


On the Tech Wiki
thanks Doug

thanks Doug

i played with a canon 6d yesterday , but there is not a review in digital review
i will wait

Not only a static setting, but also a powerful tool!

Shame on me - I have just understood it, despite I use LZ for years (the only excuse is that I use it mainly as a TIFF editor). =)

It is possible to unlock it and tune it in the same way as the tone mapper tool. For example, for pictures taken in cloudy weather (not too bright objects under almost blown out white sky) it works just perfectly - it is as easy as in the tone mapper to make informative portions of the tone curve steeper and the unused gap (in the middle, between the sky and the scene) more even, but the result is much better!

P.S. The question for me is why use RGB, not Luminance mode here (in contrast with the tone mapper normal usage).