Support for Linear DNG files

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Jim Kofron
Support for Linear DNG files

Hi crew,

I'm an oddball---I shoot Sigma cameras. Having confessed that, I've used Lightzone since the early days as my editor post-raw-conversion in Sigma Photo Pro (SPP). The current sd Q files, coupled with SPP on my semi-aging iMac have left me wanting a new workflow (due to the time it takes to process a file). A group of dedicated Sigma afficiandios have built a convertor that takes x3f files and makes a linear dng file.

Right now, these linear dng files do not work with Lightzone. I'd be happy to supply files, if a developer has some time to take a look. I'm also pretty sure that this is a borderline use case (it'll impact all three of us... :)). However, I'd very much appreciate someone taking a glance to see if it's possible.


Me too! It would be nice to

Me too! It would be nice to have support for Kalpanika's linear DNGs. The DNG files from the new Sigma Quattro H will be linear straight out of the camera, so it would be needed for future support anyway.