subscribe to topics?

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subscribe to topics?

i am having a problem finding a "subscribe to topic" button in the forums so i get an email whenever someone answers to a topic i subscribed to.

Me too! o)

Me too! o)


I guess it's just not available - which is a bit sad, as it would definitely push conversations here.

I'll look into this with my

I'll look into this with my Drupal buddy.  It might not be available with this forums module, though.  When we finally do get this @#$%^& website upgraded, I'll do my best to get that feature implemented.

Yes, it would be really nice,

Yes, it would be really nice, and I think it could dynamise the forum, since it permits more reactivity from us when an answer is posted.


Subscribe to a topic is a nice to have feature, but subscribe to a whole part of the forum (notification about any new messages in a category) could be nice too.