Strange halos

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Strange halos

Why do i get some strange halos in out of focus areas. Most of other RAW precessors i work with do't produce these artifacts.

on a side note - i can't load the jpeg example. web page says im not authorised to do this :S

Drop Box

True, photos can't be shared on this forum due to security issues with that feature.  You can use sites like Drop Box to upload and share your images.    Once you find a site to share images, it would be great to share what toot(s) you are using.  Some tools can shift colors more then others.  Take a look at this thread for further details -->



Also share a raw sample,

if you would like somebody to actually look at your artefacts. Infos about your camera, lens and operating system would be also useful.



it would be nice to transfer

it would be nice to transfer these forum to pixls us like most of other foss photo editing software did, would make some things much easier...

Perhaps a theme for discussion,

I would like to hear both pros and cons.

Have a nice day!

i have moved the topic to

i have moved the topic to


the original Raw can be found here:

Not Fond of Pixls.Us

The site IMO is no easier to navigate than this one.  Once you get comfortable with a site it becomes much more comfortable.  Like Jacal, I'm staying here as well.



Moving a single topic

to Pixls might not give you a lot of response there.

Moving the complete LZ forum would require some (or a lot of) discussion, and people like Tex, Doug, Masahiro ... and Pat David would have to agree and support the transition.

This would also open the question, what to do with the current forum, where a lot of useful information, articles, opinions etc. are stored.

It is, currently, for a photo-related forum, quite a disadvantage, when one can not attach images, including raw photos.

Have a nice day,


Just leave all the old stuff

Just leave all the old stuff here. is just more modern and user friendly. There wouldnt be much of security issues this forum experiencet in recent past.

Beaides, i doubt that they wouldnt welcom new people and LightZone is allredy listed under software on

Plus - there are a lot of develepers there. Being active on wouldnt hurt :)

But i diverged. Topic is about the halos in the link i provided. Any helpful tips? :)

The currently last question

on Pixls, "Does Lightzone have abrupt corners in the tone curve? That could cause halos like the ones you're seeing," by CarVac, is relevant, since I have noticed problems with some cameras, where curves, made "by the book", are abrupt, causing suboptimal rendering in some cases (like this one).

But I see no point in splitting these questions between two forums, most of our members are not following both, so I'm staying here, having for RawTherapee, darktable, Gimp and G'mic related things.

Some patience might bring nice results.

@Trickortreat I have two

@Trickortreat I have two questions:

  • Which OS and version of LZ are you using?
  • Does the halo disappear if you disable the RAW Tone Curve? (Right-click on the RAW Tone Curve, select "Unlock", then select "Disable".)

I tried your Canon EOS 50D raw file on LZ v4.1.7 64-bit for Windows 10, but I couldn't reproduce the halo like the sample jpeg on the Pixls forum.



Im using LZ 4.1.7 on latest

Im using LZ 4.1.7 on latest linux mint. Doing some local contrast with relight makes the problem even worse.

Deleting the default tone curve seems to solve it.

@ Jacal - ive split the question because its far easier to post atachments and picture samples on

Besides, i dont rhink being active there would hurt the project. havs a large userbase and regular posting there would only attract new members.


The overexposed horse in the background at 100 % in different editors:


The simple custom _lzn.jpg file:



(Download the files to see them properly.)


Seems you deleted teh default

Seems you deleted teh default tone curve, am I right? Made a custom one?

Seems that stretched mids in the default curve is the main culprit of the problem?

Tho I like the way my original image looks way more (except for halos). Could you try matching my colors and punchiness?

WB is the point white balance of the white patch of the 1st horses forehead, relight setings i used from top to bottom:

Shadows 1

Highlights 0

Detail 2,5

Depth 50

Fuzz 0,2


on hue/saturation tool i used:

saturation 9

vibrance 9

luminosity 1

It is the default tone curve,

I have only unlocked it for one of my screenshots.

I didn't care about colours and punches, just wanted to use some relight tool - a really strong medicine -  without causing too much damage.

I would look at your lzn file, if you upload it somewhere; forum engine eats editing data away.

Oh, didnt know that. Will

Oh, didnt know that. Will upload it tommorow when i connect to a faster internet connection (on my mobile phone atm).

One more thing - seems i found out what was causing the problem. I have edited the base curve because i didnt like how it blew too much of highlights (top 3 - 4 zones all blown out). So ive altered it a bit.

2 bad lz doesnt have a higlight compression tool to remedy blown highlights by base curve...

On a side note - i dont know what sliders in relight tool actually do (except shadows and highlights - they are self explanatory). Their names are kinda cryptic to me so i use them on trial and error basis.

heres the file

heres the file


another problem i stumbled upon - even when i disable the base raw tone curve and just apply the relight tool whith almost any parameters - the halos come back.

Pulling the overexposed

highlights "into histogram", using the exposure slider on raw adjustments tool, triggers highlight recovery, that works quite well, and before the curve is applied. This should reduce most of your problems.*


(The flu has got me, so I'm short and grumpy.)

*Related to this image, not in general

Well.. that helped. Results

Well.. that helped. Results are ALOT better. Tho it made the image dark so i had to pull it a bit up with a new zonemapper tool and this made it washed up. I remedied that with relight tool but the halos kinda came back. Not as bad as the sample i uploaded so i can live with that.

Now if i has a clue what relight tool actually does i could remedy that. Altho i think this is a question for a new topic so ill open it :)

Wow! Really nice results. Can

Wow! Really nice results. Can you share your steps :)

Hope the flu is getting better. Been there last week :)

It is a lzn file,

just open it in LightZone (and ignore fooling around with horse's eyes).

(And thanks, I'm quite well already.)

(And it is a tricky photo, such shots don't get deleted because of the children.)