Sony ICLE-6300 Raw Tone Curve

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Sony ICLE-6300 Raw Tone Curve

I made this Raw Tone Curve following your excellent Youtube tutorial.  Seems to work.

How can I post it for others to evaluate?  When I try to attach media below, it says I am not authorised.  Thanks.


You could try opening the

You could try opening the Tone Curve file in a text editor, copying the text of the .xml code and pasting it into the forum. Files with code may be filtered out due to 'safety' issues....


Or you could upload the file

Or you could upload the file in a web storage and paste the link.

SONY-ICLE6300 Tone Curve



Thank you Biff for the suggestion.

Let me have any comments if anyone uses it.  Thanks,


SONY-ICLE6300 Tone Curve

<Template version="8">
  <Scale Factor="0.12105088"/>
  <Image path=""/>
    <ZoneOperation Active="true" Collapsed="true" Locked="true" Mode="Normal" Name="RAW Tone Curve" Opacity="100" layerControlsIndex="0" regionsInverted="false" scale="0">
      <ColorSelection HueBlue="0.5" HueEnabled="true" HueGreen="0.5" HueRadius="-1.0" HueRed="0.5" Inverted="false" LuminosityEnabled="true" LuminosityLower="0.0" LuminosityLowerFeather="0.0" LuminosityUpper="1.0" LuminosityUpperFeather="0.0"/>
      <Points Size="16">
        <Point X="5" Y="0.43805309734513276"/>
        <Point X="9" Y="0.7256637168141593"/>
        <Point X="10" Y="0.7743362831858407"/>
        <Point X="12" Y="0.8982300884955752"/>
        <Point X="13" Y="0.9823008849557522"/>
        <Point X="14" Y="1.0"/>
      <UpperLeft X="0.0" Y="0.0"/>
      <UpperRight X="6014.0" Y="0.0"/>
      <LowerLeft X="0.0" Y="4014.0"/>
      <LowerRight X="6014.0" Y="4014.0"/>