"save and open in" command possible?

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"save and open in" command possible?

Maybe more of a feature request and if in the wrong forum, my apologies and kindly move or delete.

I am beta testing the Fuji xtrans .raf's now, so far so good.

I wonder whether it would be possible to find a way to save a file in LZ and then let it be opened in e.g. silverefx pro. Then upon saving the file in silverefx pro , silverefx pro closes and the file is saved in the format chosen in LZ and one does not return to the Original raw editor.

If I recall correctly, capture NX2 works that way. I am not a programmer but it seems almost a dessed up "right click and send to" command. Nik silver efx pro can function "stand alone" in this way.

This would greatly streamline at least my workflow for some files because sometimes I have to use photoshop to open a lightzone tiff and to subsequently open it in silverefx pro. It would be nice to skip the photoshop step.