A sample raw image with changed preview jpg

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A sample raw image with changed preview jpg

I have seen "commercial", "professional", "single-click" image editors, claiming to support raw formats, but what they actually did, was editing the embedded jpg preview image. Deceiving and worthless.


Some programs are using the preview jpg to create thumbnails and previews, opening the real stuff in the editor. This is how LightZone works.


Some raw editors completely ignore jpg previews, creating thumbnails and previews from the actual raw images (this takes some time with large folders), and some can be set to do one or the other.


So for people, who tend to waste their free time "testing" different photo-related tools, it can be here and there useful to have a sample raw file, containing an obviously changed jpg preview. Here are my samples:




I recommend the "classic" version - FAKE_preview_image.cr2 -, but there is also the "ugly" version available, really ugly, obnoxious and easy to notice.


Good night!



I never mind or think about

I never mind or think about that before, thanks for this sample !