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Can somebody please tell me how to easy resize my pics. I started using LightZone yesterday for the first time and I can't find anything about it.

Greetz, Viejo53 The Netherlands.

What sort of resizing are you looking for?

Are you needing Cropping?


Or do you wish to create edited output files  of a certain size?


If it is for output have a look at the Help for "Send"  (intended for making fast small files for web and social media use)  and "Convert" (full file sizes as well as preset "standard" sizes  - e.g. print sizes - and with subtly different versions for direct single file conversion or by a batch operation for one or more files.









Keeping same size image

I started using lightzone today and was wondering how can I keep my image the same size.  Currently, when I edit my image it reduces the size significantly and that is not what I want.  I need the high resolution image after completing my edits.


I'm sure you look at the lzn

I'm sure you look at the lzn-files. That only the sidefiles for Lightzone (so LZ can see what you edited, ...). For the real file, if you want the JPG, you have to convert the RAW-File to JPG (File - Convert ... if I'm correct. I'm on a german LZ).

LZ way of working

In LZ you edit your RAW/JPG file and LZ saves your edits and a smaller thumbnail image in the _lzn file. In order to use the image you need separately convert the image to the final JPG (like flann4lz mentioned). In the conversion dialog you can limit the size of the final image (if you want to) and specify the JPG quality/compression.