Regions: Very Annoying

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Regions: Very Annoying

I just started using Lightzone.  I tried to create a mask (region).  Wouldn't work.  Read the "Help" file several times.  Accidentally discovered the ZoneMapper tool must be active to create a mask.

No, just any tool (except

No, just any tool (except spot or red-eye).  Regions are associated with tools.  They can be copied and pasted as well.  Please watch the videos or look at the screen shots.

One of the best features...

Personally think it to be one of the best features of Lightzone.  Very powerful!

And yes, you have to remember to select a layertool first for which you would like the region to apply to. If you forget to select a new layer and create a region first , just cut it (Ctrl-X), select a new layer and paste the region (Ctrl-V). Easy!

I think of it as:  what do I like to change?, Which tool is suitable?, Then create a region to apply...


Welcome to the community

Hi dyuhas and welcome to the LightZone community.


So, you've downloaded LZ and gave it a try. You seem never to have worked with LZ nor any community driven software before. It doesn't look pretty to immediately start acquisitions.


But, you've come to the right place. As you noticed, immediately there is someone to help you out. More experienced users (some of the devs really) can help you out with even the hardest of questions. And, you have a chance to improve on the help files, because LZ is open source. Just make yourself know to the devs and they'll explain how to lend a hand.


Again, welcome !

Greetings Everybody

My name is Araia. My first time here.

 I don't know how to use this software.

Which tutorial do I need to study?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks again.


Hi Araia


Welcome to LightZone

Start looking here


Have a nice day