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After a quick test on Win7/64 and Ubuntu Studio 14.04/64 I am glad I can confirm some previous bugs being successfully fixed. Bravo, Masahiro. Some I didn't/wasn't able to check, like "ToolStack dragging needs two click", that didn't happen with stock Java version on my Ubuntu.


Moving through thumbnails with arrow keys works fine. The "triangle" bug is gone. Clearing cache works.


Wrong black level for Nikon 12-bit .nef that causes too green output (a bug in DCRaw, not LZ itself) is fixed. On Ubuntu I had to clear cache firs to make it work.


I also checked the new EOS 7D mkII profile. Looks good, with a possible orientation problem, showing portrait images in landscape mode. I will try to check this later, might be a metadata problem with these files, since some other programs show them correctly and some not. Here is a sample:



One possible Windows-only issue that still bothers me is the "Shrinking Memory Limit" phenomenon, that seems to actually affect LZ performance, described in this rather long thread:


(Ignore the "Recreating of Application Data folder" issue, that was fixed some time ago.)


Thank you again, Masahiro, I am aware that you would really need some fresh blood in the dev-team.