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Free of course. Version 4.2.1 (stable) is now out!

Packages for linux

When we can expect binary packages for linux distributions (especially for Fedora which I'm using)?

It is better if you compile

It is better if you compile it yourself.  The instruction is in RawPedia under the compiling tab.  It is very easy to follow.  I find the automatic way is best.  Running that script is like running an executable file.

How compare RawTherapee with Lightzone ?

Hello my friends,

I discovered recently Lightzone and i must say this is a wonderful tool for photo post processing (sorry for my mistakes in English, I am French).

I tried also Rawtherapee, but I cannot achieve the same quality of photo treatment. I was wondering if somebody made the comparison of it is only because Rawtherapee requires higher skills (Lightzone is very intuitive).

Thanks !

RawTherapee is great and

RawTherapee is great and superior as Raw converter LightZone. I use RawTherapee since 2006/2007 and it is today, due to the many adjustment possibilities, really not easy or intuitive to use.
For newcomers to the RAW image processing, he would not be my first choice.

sorry fr my mistakes, i am german and use google translate ;-}

I have used Rawtherapee for a

I have used Rawtherapee for a long time as well.  I just processed a file and found that LZ does a better job in sharpening (I think Tex memtioned it in another thread).

Rawtherapee is probably the

Rawtherapee is probably the best RAW software there is - but it has so many features that even commercial programs lack and it makes it a bit of a hard for a newcomer.

I could even ditch 50% of what Rawtherapee has, and go Lightzone, but some reeall, really, did i say reeeally important tools that Rawtherapee has, Lightzone lacks - vigneting control, lens distorsion correction, chromatic aberrations - well, everything that is connected in some way to lens corrections..

Lens correction



Stay tuned. It is almost ready to be included in the next version. Automatic lens correction via Lensfun (if your lens is supported), and control for manual correction or distortion for your needs and just for the fun and creativity of it.


Have a nice day

Wooowww Wonderful, I am

Wooowww Wonderful, I am impatient now ;)

Thanks a lot

Cool :) tnx! speed it up :)

Cool :) tnx!

speed it up :)

lens disorsion corrections

Oh guys, I am very happy to read this. I used Lightroom and also DXO Viewpoint and was wondering, if there is this feature hidden somewhere in LZ. I use a Sony RX100 III from time to time. Raws and jpgs shown in the browser are already lens distorsion corrected. Opening the raw in LZ shows the raw as taken unmodified (as it should be) - with heavy cushion distortion at the short end. I first thought, something is wrong, but I remembered, once reading about the camera built in corrections. In this case I really need a tool to handle the distorsion in the process. My Olympus lenses (µFT) are fortunately on the easy side talking about distorsions. Nonetheless, when fotographing architecture, it is absolutely necessary.

All other things I have seen and tested so far - a great peace of software you created - thank you very much and keep up the great work.

The absolute top position of my personal wish list is a short key for full screen filled view and maybe another one for a 1:1, which I can grab with the mouse and move around. Having such a full screen loupe function to put on a second screen, would be really professional. I did that in lightroom too and it requires a fast machine, but it makes the work so much more fluent and precise...

Maybe, you can put it on the list for the future.

 Thanks again for paving the way ...