Raw tone Curve for Nikon D7200

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Raw tone Curve for Nikon D7200


I'm new to lightzone and the first impressions are really good. But there's one problem I can't seem to solve. My raw images look a bit strange when opened for the first time in Lightzone.

With some searching I think it has to do with the raw tone curve. Although I tried, it seems I'm not able to make a good one myself. Do you know if there already is a good curve for my camera (a nikon d7200) and how to open it in Lightzone?

Thanks for your help.





from this page I have downloaded this tourist photo. It looks acceptable to me. Your camera is supported.

So, what version of LightZone are you using, with which operating system?

Can you see the RAW Tone Curve - above the RAW Adjustments - in your tool stack, when you open the image?

Be well,

- Mart


Hi Mart,

Hi Mart,

Thanks for your reply. The installed version of Lightzone is 4.7.1 on a mac.

The camera is supported, your're right about that. But the raw images look a bit blurry, or on some parts details are missing.

I've found the Raw Tone Curve and already tried to adjust it to get satifiying results (maybe my standards are too high?), sadly I didn't manage to do so.

Therefor I wondered if someone already adjusted the RTC for better contrast and saturation or that I'm missing something.


Kind regards,


I looked at another sample

from the same source (#6, the three ladies), and at 100 % it really doesn't look very good. Here is a detail, compared to RawTherapee, both at default settings:


And here without the raw tone curve, and RawTherapee with neutral profile:

Link 2

For 400 % comparison, I have also disabled the default colour noise reduction in raw adjustments:

Link 3

I have noticed these rather rough transitions in shadows before, on photos from different cameras. And this part of the issue is, I suppose, more a matter of the demosaicing algorithm.

Have a nice day,