Raw profiles for Canon Powershot A710IS and SX200IS with CHDK hack

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Raw profiles for Canon Powershot A710IS and SX200IS with CHDK hack

I have been looking for raw target images or raw profiles without success. CHDK firmware hack can pull raw images from various "low end" Canon cameras such as Powershot A710IS, etc (CHDK google search: https://www.google.com/#q=CHDK).


Does anybody have raw profiles for these? Or, I could try this if somebody could send me target images from GretagMacbeth ColorChecker in raw image format.


Does anybody have this colorchecker for capturing raw images under verious camera settings? I have these 2 cameras, and I could work on the raw profiles for these.

Hieronymus Bosch
Is there even dcraw support

Is there even dcraw support for CHDK raw? If not, it's a nonstarter. Of course, if those raws adhere to the normal Canon raw format, you could just try a bunch of Canon profiles and see if any of those fits.

CHDK can capture the images in universal DNG raw format

CHDK can capture the images in universal DNG formal directly on the SD card in the Canon camera. I think dcraw supports DNG format, as I can edit the DNG images saved in Canon PS710-IS SD card directly in LZ without going through any additional conversion process.


I wanted to create the raw tone curves based on the DNG images collected from the calibration target under various camera setting.