RAW-Profile too dark and dull (Canon EOS 60D)

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RAW-Profile too dark and dull (Canon EOS 60D)

Hello all,

I noticed recently, that my pictures processed with LZ are not as bright and colorful as the corresponding jpg from the camera. I put three comparable pictures online:

jpg out of camera

LightZone RAW w/o modification

LightZone RAW +0,40 Exposure, Saturation +40% (blue), Saturation + Vibrance +20% (global)

The Canon EOS 60D is not officially supported (after all, which "official" support ;) ) so I used the profile I found here. Is the any chance of changing tuning parameters to make the pictures match the intended picture (camera jpg)?



Hi, Andreas

Sorry for the delay in answering your post----but I actually did respond a couple of days ago and I guess after previewing I failed to actually post it. Ugh.

I'm very sleep deprived right now, so i can only give you the gist of my previous orderly post: Yes we can tweak this profile, but so can you right now by unlocking the raw zonemapper and fiddling with it---although you have to do that with care. It is perfectly normal for your raws to be soft and not that saturated, however. For that you only need to develop your own style template to add in the additional qualities which can be saved and applied to any batch or single image. Perhaps even have several templates for different subjects or lighting. That is a separate issue.

The main problem here is exposure. I would like to see you shoot something much less contrasty than this shot as a comparison, however, before we made any change to the profile. It may be that the camera jpg engine is doing some compensating here, I don't know. I do know that Doug would have used a far more neutral image to create the raw profile. Also, be sure you have the latest dcRaw loaded.

Thanks Tex!

Being on holiday, I read the solving options this week and your latest hint was the best :) I was not aware that the dcraw on github was newer than the packaged one. With dcraw 9.12 my 60D is supported, the modified version works for me!